Bafang m625 500w does not start


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8:36 PM
Feb 4, 2023
Hi guys.

I have Bafang m625 500w 2-3 months old with 1000km on it.

This has been working well until now. It stopped without any apparent reason to turn on, but occasionally does after 5 minutes of pressing the battery and on/off button.

When the bike turns on it runs strong.

I have played with the connections to the head unit, and to the battery. But doesn't seem to work.

I am guessing this is a protection feature that is for some reason getting triggered, but I don't know.

What do you guys think is wrong with the system?
How fast and how far and how much load on the bike when it stops? When it stops, have you tried doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and just wait 5 minutes? And when you say "it stops", tell me EXACTLY every single light, display, throttle response, or indication of power when it DOES WORK, and when it DOES NOT WORK. Likely an overheating issue, controller, battery, or motor, depending on sensors and what happens before it fails.