Bafang Error Code: 04


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9:17 AM
Aug 21, 2018
We've enjoyed 12 months with the BBSHD introduced to our Rover Tandem. The simplest persistent trouble has been the accelerator. Sporadically, it simply stops operating and displays the Error Code: 04 "The throttle did not return" It sometimes resolves itself in mid ride and sometimes not. I essentially use the throttle to cross intersections quick. Most of our driving is in PAS #1 however the error message blocks the display until it resets, an inconvenience. We've broken and remade the connections and replaced the accelerator cable. Any suggestions? Replace the display or grip accelerator? Thanks

bafang error code #04.jpg
Try replacing the throttle as they are often the weakest link. Luckily they are easy to replace and fairly cheap too.