Bafang 750w mid drive and pegs?


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Sep 29, 2021
I am purchasing a mid drive for my long time awaited project - 2wd + mid drive motor.
The battery that I'm building is a massive 60v 115 ah that will be split between several section on the bike, and because of that I don't really think that I will pedal, ever. I have a juiced scorpion with a stock 52v 19.2ah and my ass hurts way before I can run out of battery and start pedaling so I installed pegs on it and I love it.

My question is, is it possible to install pegs on a mid drive?
Hi there, so you want foot pegs on a bafang mid drive kit instead of pedals? I don't think there would be any off the shelf solution for this. I still think keeping the pedals would be the best idea. If you ever do run out of power, pedals are still way better than pushing.
Hi Anton, you have any pics of your ebike mate?
I'd like to see what you ride :)

Ride Safe! :cool:

I'm currently all pedal power @HumanPerson. I have a Dunlop mountain bike for around town, and I recently purchased a Giant Trance X2 (2009) for the downhill tracks.

With the current fuel prices, I'm seriously considering a simple front hub kit for the Dunlop.

My dream ebike however would be a BBSHD kit on the Giant Trance. I made sure before purchasing the bike that this would be possible. Here is another person's Giant Trance X2 (2008) with a BBSHD kit: