Bafang 48v and 52v 1000w casing the same


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Nov 13, 2022
Has anyone came across this issue after ordering a bafang motor kit from a company,

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Robert Welchko
The 52V1000W motor shell may be marked with 48V1000W. The judgment criterion is to see the controller's production number 506 (Picture attached), and that charging with a 52V battery will show that it is full charged. The definition of the label indicates the type of controller. The number of "506" stands for the 52V controller. There is no problem with the product, just because the wrong 48V was printed during production. Do you mind this little mistakes? And we provide warranty, any questions pls feel free to contact us. We will move forward the shipment of this order if we don't receive your reply within 24 hours, because there is time limited for us to ship the item out. Hope you can understand.​

I had that too. It does have the 52v controller and works absolutely fine.