Bacchetta Corsa with Bafang BBS02 750w


May 13, 2021
I installed a Bafang BBS02 750w mid drive kit with a Whale Shark 48volt 20.3 amp battery and a DPC-18LCD display on a 2010 Corsa, Had to add a torque brace ,lengthen the battery wire speed sensor wire and thumb throttle wires. I was worried about the weight but on the first ride I totally forgot about the added weight. Don't know what it weighs my fish scales only go to 50# and I didn't want to break them. Went on my first group ride 46.2 miles, height gained 500 feet, average speed on my Garmin was 17.3 MPH. Rode in level 5 (0-9 set up) with the bike in #7 gear Sram X-9. If I needed a little more speed I would shift in the next highest gear for a short time crazy how the motor works with the factory settings. On the first little climb I went to power setting #7 and pedaled hard and reached a speed of 31.5 climbing. Going down hill I set the power on #8 and hit 40.3MPH fast enough for me. Started with the voltage of 53.6 ended the ride with voltage of 51.2. At one time the display said I had 140 miles of range. Have ordered a programing cable everyone says you can reprogram to get a smother motor action. I didn't really think I would like the e kit but to tell the truth you can get all the workout you need and it's a pleasure to ride. Got up this morning and wanted to ride but knew I had things I needed to do. Can't wait for the next ride. Ordered my kit from EBike Essetials probably could have found a cheaper price but wanted good service. The display came in with the wrong plug called EBike Essetials on a Sunday and told them of my problem and sent a couple picture. They express mailed me a new Display and all the return packaging to return the wrong display. Very pleased with their service. The biggest problem I have right now is I want to convert my other Corsa.
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