Avoid this eBike dealer


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Aug 18, 2018
Buyers beware, stay FAR away from Top Gun Bikes in Sacramento California. On March 30 2018 I paid 50% down for their top of the line ebike and two weeks later the full balance. As promised by Ren, the owner, the bike was to take five weeks to build and ship. Instead, what I received was a constant stream of feeble excuses, broken promises, missed deadlines and outright lies. After 5 months Ren instructed me to dispute the charges on my MasterCard and then pay him again on a scheduled plan that he failed to honour. At about six months he commissioned the bike to be built by another shop, but when it was ready he did not have the money to pay them so they wouldn’t release it. At seven and a half months I gave him a final deadline 17 days in advance but as he always did before, he never acted with any concern of time and then two days before the deadline tried to negotiate a later date with me. On November 30th, eight months after my initial deposit I finally disputed my second series of charges (this time on my Visa card) and walked away. I would never have stuck it out anywhere near that long if this particular bike had been available from someone else. I watched spring, summer and fall pass by as my hope to ride an electric bike in 2018 never materialized. What I did get instead was incredible amounts of stress, anxiety and disappointment. This man is a lowlife and the worst business owner I have ever come across. Do not be fooled by his assurances and smiley emojis, he can not be trusted to keep his word.
That sounds like a very terrible experience. Did your credit card company help you out?
Well that sucks sorry to hear that! I chose to get mine done locally and it should be ready on Friday.
Their website seems to be filled with a lot of exaggeration.