Aventon Soltera, problem with pedal assist level 2.


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3:02 AM
May 23, 2022
I just got my Soltera and love it but I have having an issue with Power assist level 2. I am hoping someone has a fix. PAS1 works fine, gives me the expected boost in power. Also PAS 3-5 seem to be fine but frankly I have not used them in real life, just tested it. PAS2 is a problem. My daughter has a Pace 350 and I have rented other E-bikes. I have always found the each level of PA gives a bit more boost. With my new Soltera going from PA1 to PA2 is a huge exponential boost. I would compare it to a Tesla's insane mode. It is not a linear progression at all. In fact most of the time if PA1 is not enough and I go to PA2 I cannot leave it there. I generally ride in 6th gear. Even shifting up to 7 does not help. My pedals are spinning like a hamster wheel to keep up with the assist. I have a small hill to reach my house. My solution is to turn on PA2 for 1 second, turn it off for 5-10, turn it on for 1 second, turn it off---silly. The only time I can leave the bike in PS2 is going up over a bridge. Even then it is a bit more than I need. I have yet to find a hill where PS3+ was needed.
Other than that I really like this bike. I thought I would keep my regular bike because my daughters Pace 350 and all of the rentals I rode seemed clunky/draggy/heavy. I generally ride my Soltera turned off, and it rides nearly as well as my regular Marin hybrid. I am in Maine where the roads are awful so I do miss the Marin's adjustable front fork suspension. I am not a serious rider. I ride for recreation and 10 miles RT to work most nice days.