Aventon level commuter brake calipers


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Nov 2, 2020
Can I change my Bengal Hydraulic calipers to Shimano Hydraulic calipers?
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It is possible to just change the calipers with hydraulic disc brakes but it's best practice to replace both the level and caliper in one go.

Things to consider when using different brands of hydraulic brakes and calipers:
  • The master cylinder volume and slave cylinder are matched to the lever stroke and braking caliper of each system. By changing part of the system it could affect brake performance.
  • There could be differences in the sizes of the hoses between those brands.
  • The braking systems could use different fluids. You don't want to mix a mineral oil brake system with a DOT fluid system or the internal parts will be damaged by the different type of fluids.
But all that said, if both systems look similar, use the same fluid type and fit together, then it should work OK.
Hey @jomo11 looks like the brake levers are proprietary with reed switches which talk to your ebike's computer. You can replace the calipers if you really want according to Aventon support.

If you want to replace the entire system however you'll have to purchase the Aventon Level brake system for $99 which includes the proprietary lever and the calipers:

Here's the response from Aventon ebike support:

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If any of your users have a technical question, I recommend they reach out to our technical support team via email, phone, or live chat.

Yes, a customer may switch out calipers if they really wanted. I would not recommend this, however.

The brake levers are proprietary and can NOT be replaced because they have automatic electronic reed switches that communicate with the bicycle's computer and operating system.

Why does the user want to swap them?

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I live in Canada and have an Aventon Level ebike which has the Bengal ares 3 brakeing system. I can not find any replacement pads in canada or in china. The only place I can find is on the Aventon web site. They are $10.95 a set which is a good price but they use Fedex for shipping and they want just over $70.00 US to ship to British Columbia Canada. That's over $100.00 canadian and that is not going to happen with me. That is why I would like to just change the calipers to another brand if it is possible. If you know of another place I can purchase the Bengal pads it would be appreciated.
These pads on Amazon look the same:

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