Aventon Aventure lots of extras very low miles $1500


One year old Aventure with 96 miles on it. Like new! Lots of add ons. Aventon Front rack Leather grips Leather seat Rear rack Alarm Side mirror New Adjustable stem which allows handle bars greater adjustments. Small/ medium sand colored.

This is a fantastic bike!! It's been treated with love! It's just too much bike for me. Can be programmed to do 20 - 28 mph Throttle Kickstand

I'm in Rhode Island, but will be heading to Southwest Florida in January, so deliverable anywhere close to I-95.


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I have the Pace 500 in the same color.

I love what you’ve done with yours! The leather seat and grips look great.
I hope you can sell it soon. Price seems reasonable.
That seems like a very decent price for that bike.

I was ready to spend $1,500 for a used Aventure, in OK but well-used condition.


The test ride revealed the rear brake was inop, so the fellow dropped the price $100 and threw in a brake bleeding kit he had bought but not gotten around to using. The seat had been attacked by a cat, but I have individual tastes in saddles anyway. The front fender was off because it was bent up a bit, but I was going to go sans fenders regardless. Rear tire worn to cords showing, but I was probably going to convert to more road oriented tires eventually. Basically a ”fixer upper” but with “good bones”!

In short, I think you did great for a bike in near mint condition. Enjoy!!!