aventon aventure govenor on bike


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Jan 10, 2022
I just got an aventon adventure and going down hill it seems to have a governor on the bike so it won't go past 20 mph,without peddling, does anyone know how to get past this problem, Thankyou.
coasting down a big hill or using the throttle going down a slight decline?
I also have the Aventon Aventure and the only time it only does 20mph is when using the throttle.

Going down a pretty big hill yesterday i hit 36mph just pedaling and coasting down that not so steep but loooong hill.
Thinking about getting 3.5" street tires now :unsure:
Other than changing the controller and display and rewiring some of the connections....there is no other way to change anything
on the Aventure other than the settings they allow through the app.....at least to my knowledge at this time.