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Jun 9, 2022
SE Wisconsin
New boxy and stylish eMoped.

Full suspension, missing turn signals and cast wheels. Nice crowd funding release price: 48 V, 40 Ah is only $2400; 20 Ah = $1800.

Still has the knobby tires, which is quite ridiculous.

It has a single speed belt drive, and I think gearing it low was a good choice; a fellow is more likely to need it to limp home witha dead battery at 5-10 mph than assist it at 20+ mph. (Having paid attention to numbers on my previous fat tire bike, no amount of pedaling effort really helps past 15 mph, even with appropriate gearing)

Knobby tires are a bit silly for road use. They also chew out pretty quickly from experience. I'll never forget when I pulled out onto a wet highway with my dirt bike (with knobby tires) and gave it too much gas, the bike just slipped out from under me!

For a moment I couldn't see a rear shock on this moped. It's hidden in the frame.
Nice looking bike for the money. Another emoped that just dropped is the volcon brat. It's a sharp bike too.
This kind of bike is where all the excitement is in the eBike world right now.
Agreed. I really like how they started from scratch. Hidden suspension, comfortable seat that doesn't look like a seat, etc.

For my part though? I'm not sure if I'm going to like the eMoped as much when I get it as I do my Class 3 Aventon Level.2 which can actually be ridden as a regular bike and not get too much attention on crowded bike trails. I commuted in on it this morning and only used the motor to get me started from stops up to 10 mph. Was pedaling 13-17 mph the rest of the time with overall downhill and a bit of a tailwind. Would've been 20+ on my Trek Domane road bike.

Will I immediately gain 5 lbs. back when I start riding the eMoped more and my mBike and Level.2 less? :unsure: