Are the issues with the Specialized Command Post Dropper Seatpost figured out yet?


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12:40 PM
Jul 17, 2020
I cant stand a crappy dropper seat post, no need for it. I've been running transfers my last 5 bikes and zero issues. Are the new posts still faulty? The 34.9 is kinda crappy as i dont really want to shim my post. Any luck on the '19's?
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Can't answer if the Command post is crappy... but the 34.9mm X-Fusion Manic is an excellent post. It's one of my favorite posts. Paired with a Wolftooth remote, it's hard to beat... except for the OneUp, which is pretty much the best post out now. Plenty of inexpensive Manic droppers on eBay right now
It’s such a unique dropper post, but I’ve personally never had any issues running a shim. I’ve used So far: reverb, KEV, transfer and my brother the one up. My brother loves his one up and for me the Transfer post has been the best out of those I mentioned.
Once I get more feedback from command post users, I’ll figure out what to do. I may try the one up V2. Good price point, but the transfers are proven.
ive had my new one back to spec 3 times who said they were no issues (it used to stick and slow down. the top location issues were fixed first time.

eventually replaced and much better
Thanks for the input, I don’t want down time. Why can’t they make a proven seatpost? I mean they had 25 engineers design the Levo.