Are Echains good value or just a gimmick?


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8:21 AM
Aug 15, 2020
With over 1,500 kms my 10 S chain is still good(i am a light rider).
I want to buy my next one to be ready.
What did you pay for an Echain?
Where did you buy it?
Is it realy lasting longer or just a gimmick?
Happy trails !
Do you mean an E bike specific chain? Sounds a bit gimmicky to me. If a chain is strong enough for a pro racer with an FTP of 600w then it should have no problem being used by us mere mortals, e-bike or not shouldn't really matter.
I kind of feel that way. With my 130 pounds the extra 20 from my bike is still light weight. And at 61 YO i know how to shift properly. But the pro is probably not paying so fast wearing is not a concern.