Are battery plates interchangeable?


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Mar 8, 2022
I have a 48v unit power pack battery with a battery mounting plate, the mounting plate locks the battery and transfers power to the the controller, It might also contain the battery management system. I would like to mount a 52v battery to the 48v mounting plate, but not sure if it would damage anything.
Thank you.
Never seen a mounting plate with the BMS on it, these are always inside the battery. They DO sometimes contain the controller.

The controller must be capable of handling the additional voltage or it will pop. Some can be set for a different voltage battery, some you can't change settings but CAN use higher voltage, display readouts on battery state would be inaccurate. Some won't work at all as they detect a battery voltage too high, and some will activate the smoke chips.

if you can open the controller, then look for capacitors which are usually clearly marked with a maximum voltage. Unfortunately, a common limit you may have is a 53V max, and your new battery will be 54.6V fully charged. Some hi-quality caps can go a bit over, some will let the smoke out if you get too close. China rarely uses hi-quality components.
It shouldn't damage anything but you have to make sure the 52v battery is compatible with your 48v mounting plate. I upgraded a Bafang BBS02 from 48v to 52v and both batteries work with the mounting plate. There are a few different types of mounting plates...