Arcimoto to offer leaning pedal /electric trike


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2:46 PM
Jun 9, 2021
Arcimoto is best known known for their yet-to be-available 70mph trike that seats 2 or 3 peeps.
According to the article at the link, they soon plan to introduce a less expensive leaning pedal/electric single seat trike.
Looks like fun in the video, but no details on price, spec, optional roof, etc.
They have yet to make a product available for sale, and they state they are aiming for 200 miles per charge with three separate hub motors. These folks are delusional dreamers who will not make it in the business world. Reality will catch up with their investors fairly soon.
I would rather purchase from dreamers and take my chances than those who refuse to dream.
The real world is a rough and tumble place not always within easy reach of a therapy pony.