Anyone tinkered with Mosfet replacements.


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Oct 18, 2022
Wondering if anyone has performed Mosfet repairs on their controller, my Violamart controller malfunctioned so I ordered a new one but it's going to take weeks to get here to the US.. In the mean time, I need to ride :) - So I checked the controller with a multimeter and sure enough a Mosfet went bad on my Yellow pas cable. .

I ordered the IRFB3077 Mosfets, based on a separate post that recommended these for the Violamart controllers.

Anywho, when I opened the controller I saw that the Mosfets are the not the same as the IRFB3077s - these are made by Samwin (AL1W1) SW062R08E8T. . but Googling this Mosfet results in no returns for spec sheets. .

So since my IRFB3077s will arrive tomorrow, wondering if I can just install these, since I can't compare specs. . or will I blow something up.

Not sure if anyone ran into a similar situation.

Contact the MOSFET manufacturer's tech support directly: I guarantee that they want to sell you the stuff that makes you happy.
It may be helpful if you can manage a regular FTP connection somehow (FTP is the 80% of the Internet that nobody ever sees). Check out the Filezilla FTP client, for one, it works like the old File Manager. Your ISP tech support can help with that, and welcome to the rest of the Internet.

Most companies have FTP technical resources such as manuals, spec sheets, parts sheets, et c. The company tech support can help there, if needed. They will have Part Number cross-references between what you have and what they sell.
Thanks, I will check again with Samwin, as I only searched for the part on their website, but even then, their site had no match. .maybe it's a retired product. .

Per your suggestion I will contact their tech support. Attached the part..


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