Anyone know of a source for a LED battery charge meter?


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Aug 16, 2018
I want an "idiot" type 12v battery condition meter. Ideally, say, 6 LED's - three stages of good, two of warning low and one of dead / don't use any more otherwise battery damage !

4QD only do three LED versions for 12v -

Jaycar have a minium order of £20 that rules out -

Anyone know of such a meter either "ready to fit" or a kit ?

Even a link to a circuit for building would be a help.
try your discount auto supply store. Over here in the US, they sell them for reporting the Battery/Gnerator status, from 14v on down with 6 LED.s every .5volts .

I have 4. Add a 12.5 v zener and it is good for your 24vpack..

Harbor Freight or other discount store.