Anyone have trouble removing Swagtron EB9's battery?


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7:47 AM
Apr 2, 2024
Dunedin, FL
My wife and I have three Swagtron EB9's and are not able to remove the battery from any of then. When I insert the correct key into he keyhole on left side of cargo rack, I am able to turn it clockwise to the unlock position, as pictured on the bike. However, when I try to slide the battery out towards the back of the rack as shown in the manual, it won't move. Perhaps I am not pulling on it hard enough. I can pull harder if I thought I wouldn't damage the battery.

Also, if I were able to slide the battery out, would it leave the front 2 1/8 inches of it attached to the rack? There seems to be a slit about 2 1/8 inches from the front of what looks like the battery.

I have several reason for wanting to remove the battery.

1. The obvious one that every ebike manufacturer touts: being able to charge the battery away from the bike, inside a building for example.

2. Bicycles last forever, if not the their electrical components. It would be nice to be able to purchase and install a replacement battery if something were to happen to it or it died of old age. An ebike without a functioning battery is useless.

3. My wife and I both love the EB9's; they are fantastic for riding around town for both transportation and recreation. The light weight and skinny tires are almost unique among lower priced ebikes. From my standpoint, the only short coming is the range per charge. It is not enough for touring. So in order to double the range, I would like to buy an extra battery and carry it on tours. Swagtron seems to sell replacements at

But of course I would have to remove them.

An observation.

I did a range test (flat asphalt bike path, 170 pound rider, moderate wind (I went out and back, so it should balance out to some extent), no throttle, PAS mode 1 only. I went 24 miles before running out of juice. The manual says up to 28 miles in mode 1. Now here is the strange thing. All three of our EB9's go immediately to 15-16 mph in mode 1, even though the manual says the maximum speeds are 11.3, 13.1, 15.3 for modes 1, 2, and 3, respectively. Since 15 is fine with me, I never use modes 2 and 3. In fact if I try modes 2 and 3, I don't get much faster than 15 and start ghost pedaling.

If I had maintained a average speed of 11.3 mph during the test by pedaling, coasting, pedaling, coasting, etc., I probably would have reached the advertised 28 mph.

Thank you