Anyone ever used a battery from for an Aventon Pace 500?


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Aug 4, 2022
Looking at the original Aventon Pace 500 (gen 1 model) battery, they're pricey at $500 USD. I found some Reention Dorado 48v batteries supposedly for the Pace 500 at for around $330, which is MUCH more reasonable. These supposedly have Samsung, Panasonic or LG cells. Has anyone here ever used one of these aftermarket (and less expensive) batteries in a Pace 500?

Also, these don't have a functioning power switch. Since you enable & disable the bike with the menu button on the display anyway, I don't know if that's anything I should be concerned about. Would the battery continue to drain with the menu shut down?

Here's a link to one of the batteries:|ER-B|newes|7_5.#s1-1-1;searl|3620866925:2
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