Anybody riding a road ebike?


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Jul 17, 2020
Whatcha got? How is it? I have a lot of experience with the Specialized Turbo's - all models. The allow my whole family to ride together on the roads particularly in the mtns. Good fun. That's some funny family!

specialized turbo road ebike.jpeg
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After riding mtb only on enough roads to get to the trailhead for over 30 years I found myself for the first time without access to any trail systems that I didn't have to drive to. Found it boring to take my KTM for a "ride" and missed pedaling so I put together what I call my bicyclized motorcycles.

Got the first one together in time for a trip to my old haunts down in CO last fall and found it was a great way to get around the different drainages above town which coming from sea level would have not been an option, although I did make the first group to the sign at PP 40 off of my Townie. But I don't think I would of if I hadn't done the 125+ miles the few days before off of my e bike. A good way to get warmed up for the main event for sure and got to see a lot of country I would have normally missed out on.


Truth be known I have been messing around with motor assist bikes for over 15 years now. Not as any sort of primary mode of cycling but as a way to keep an eye on what I have always felt would end up being a thing someday. As a result my preferred setup is made up of parts and pieces as I feel it is a way of future proofing in case better components come along, mainly in the battery sector.

I like a front hub motor (with torque arm, very important) with a battery in the main triangle because I feel it balances out the ride well. My setups are 1000w, which is legal in the state I live in btw, but mostly I am reading 250w-500w on my meter, which it is important to have a good one I use a Cycle Analyst, when cruising up to 25 mph but do see it peak if I am getting after it or climbing something stupid steep. But the bottom line is that by using Schlumpf drives I have gearing that I can pedal effectively on top of the motor all the way up to top speed and still low enough gearing for steep climbing. Most people don't think direct drive hubs will climb but I beg to differ and mine are loaded with Stator Aid which is a liquid that helps to keep them running cool.

Oh, and btw I use a throttle and don't subscribe to PAS as I prefer to be in control of motor input to pedal input, it just feels more natural to me that way.

I don't subscribe to the e mtb thing btw and although I tend to still get out on some trails and do some exploring with these bikes it is at a mellow pace, but surprising to me sometimes just what it will do, especially climbing with the help of the front motor and the right gear to pedal along with. Goes over logs well also, kind of reminds me of my old Rokon in a way.

A few more of the variety of terrain I have enjoyed since putting these bikes together. A lot of fun, as good of a workout as you want to get and the best way to get around downtown!
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^Some nice trails, I like your set up. My Turbo is 750watt and will cut out at 28mph. I bought it to explore a relatively new area where I moved to and to ride when I have little time, or am burned out on the regular road bike. The distance and mileage is insane. I can put my 12yr old daughter on her Turbo and I'll ride my Cannondale. Opens up options. I see them a bit with coaches riding them next to their rider.
I picked up a 2001 Litespeed Unicoi ( soft tail) a few weeks back and installed a Bafang bbshd 1,000 watt mid drive to use as a road/gravel/trail bike. I converted my wife's old Specialized Myka with the same kit a few months back. We're using these for longer road rides and to explore the hilly town we live in. Using the 52v 6ah 3lb. battery my bike weighs 39 lbs.
This site has the very worst photo posting system I have ever used so I cannot seem to get the pic I uploaded of my recumbent street bike to insert inline. Anyway it's a Lightning P-38 with a Magic Pie V5 hub motor. It tops out at 28/29 mph and thus is a Class 3 ebike. It can be seen in the sticky at the top of this forum should anyone wish.
Hey WH, I had an early Magic Pie mounted on a Bob trailer years ago. It cut out at 20 and was really hard to coax beyond that due to the parasitic drag. I understood this to be common to direct drive motors back then and lived with it. It was a good rig and still think that a motorized trailer can be a good way to go btw.

But my question is if the newest versions still drag when the power is not being fed through it? Reason I am asking is a friend is considering a MP and would be good to get some feedback to help advise him.

The two dd motors I have now exhibit no noticeable drag while not under power btw.
Riding a Cannondale Synapse Neo 1 ebike. Good road and gravel bike. I ride in lowest assist level most of the time, turn the motor off occasionally. Want to get the exercise. I do amp up the assist on hills! Beauty of the ebike, which I went to while recovering from knee replacement. May eventually wean myself off the ebike and back to acoustic.
I love my Canyon Grail:ON Gravel eBike! I get over 100 miles range with the included 500Wh battery, it only weighs about 34lbs (including battery), it has 85Nm of torque, and it's pedal assist is up to 28mph... LOVE IT!

It fits right in between my Ibis Mojo Mountain Bike at 21.3 lbs & my Pinarello at 17.3lbs.

2021 canyon grailon hero.jpeg



I got thje best of both world with my V10!View attachment 2820
You have a bike that can ride on many surfaces but it has a way to go to be "best" at any of them. You don't have the "best" range by a long shot. Those tires don't let you ride on mud, sand, or snow, even riding in the rain would suck with no skins. You can't carry much to speak of. You must have to baby the crap out of the gearing, or leave the bike in a single gear and make the motor grunt it out. I'm sure it's fun to ride at the right time, in the right place, and in the right weather. Stay safe.
My, aren't you just a fricken riot? My range is as good, if not better than yours I would wager, and as far as carrying anything, its not what I ride for. If it rains, I have a car thanks. Plus, I don't like getting my stuff dirty. Shove off.
Why are you getting so pissy? I said I am sure it's fun to ride. Are you going to argue that it's a one-trick pony? You used the word "Best" without qualifying that it was only best for you yourself (and how you ride or rather don't ride)... and that's not true. Your car doesn't get dirty... just your "stuff"?

P.S. Beware of the blind bet.
I noticed from your posting history, that you seem to like going in and offering what you think is superior points of view on other people's bikes....
Yes. If you paid more attention maybe you'd own an ebike that you could do more than take somewhere to ride once a month.
Just an old roadie here - get some packed & light gravel trails on many rides.
Orbea with rear wheel motor, Class 1 assist X35ebikemotion, met my needs.

I still like my regular roadies in the cooler Fall temps, as slower speeds and more effort keeps the wind chill down. But I am finding that the Orbea ebike makes a great 'recovery day' bike to keep me more active in 35-45*F weather and I go much further without over-exerting.

Only a month into e-roading but like the Orbea with Di2 Ultegra.
Yes I would like the motor to assist to a slightly higher speed, but appreciate the sub-30 pound weight in an XL frame.
Glad it is not my only road bike (y), but also glad I made the step to electric assist. :)

a gain2.jpg

Close-out on XL frame size thru Jenson USA, 2020 model, put it in my price range.
Starting to put some miles on my Vanpowers City Vanture. I'm liking it so far. Single speed belt drive and it's pretty stealth. If you need to pop on transit it doesn't even look like an ebike.
I got one for road Super Six Neo w upgraded carbon wheels tubeless
Cannondale Topstone with extra battery extender and upgraded carbon tubeless wheels with Lauf Front suspension fork
Whatcha got? How is it? I have a lot of experience with the Specialized Turbo's - all models. The allow my whole family to ride together on the roads particularly in the mtns. Good fun. That's some funny family!

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