Anybody get ripped off by hay bike I ordered a bike. They never returned my money after the bike was discontinued. They give me a hard time about it.


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2:50 AM
Jun 19, 2024
Little River
Ordered Heybike which I found was discontinued and they refuse to give me 1250 refund for 1 month now trying to sell me a different model Can’t get thru on phone but finally did after waiting 2 hours they still keep bull crapping me about the refund and wanted to charge me 5 percent!!!!! Then I waited 2 more weeks and today on phone arguing to get refund for 1 hour!! They said they are gonna send me my money in another 10 days and I insisted on confirmation email which they sent after another argument. I’m 77 this is worst company I ever dealt with. Anybody have same problem. ??