Any Denver eMTB Rides here?


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2:28 PM
Aug 8, 2020

I bought a Turbo Levo last month so I'm looking for others on the front range with e-Bikes to ride with. Anyone from Denver in this group?
I think Jeffco is allowing e-bikes on a trial basis now? Otherwise most of the front range is off limits, I think (ie USFS or BLM land, and I know Boulder county doesn't allow them on their property either). If you venture into the high country don't even bother bringing it - all USFS property everywhere.

Why not just ride with folks on normal bikes who like similar music/food/beer/trails? There are loads of fun trails in Jeffco, strike up a conversation with someone at the trailhead or when they're stopped taking a break, make some friends, ride with 'em!