Any comments on tandem ebikes?


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Apr 2, 2022
I'm a newbie to this forum, and to ebikes. I'm interested in a tandem ebike because my wife no longer feels safe cycling due to balance issues after suffering a brain injury. We rented a regular tandem in NYC last year and rode in Central Park. We could handle the tandem, but not the hills, so started looking at electric tandems.

The only one we've been able to test ride is a Pedego tandem cruiser. We only rode it around the parking lot for a while, and it seems like it would fit the bill but it seems expensive ($4500). We would ride mainly on roads and simple trails here in the midwest, and on vacations to parks and forests in the western US.

Does anyone have any experience with the Pedego tandem or with other tandem e bikes you could share?
Tandems are not very common among bicycles, and less so among ebikes.

However, the requirements for tailoring one to your needs are the same.

Load carried? - yes, the weight of the two riders is a major factor. Range in miles desired? Length of hill climb - Distance and/or estimated time to pedal? Climbing hills is easy, climbing mountains requires some careful selection. Maximum speed desired?

Do you want a little boost or a motorized, 2-seat scooter, which is something you should seriously consider as an option.

If you can handle a wrench, pick the right tandem, add a motor and battery for a grand or less, and you should be in for half the price of the Pedego.

Check out some tandem bikes at stores, ideally in-person but also online for variety.
Well, this is 3 months ago, are you still around, gordonrands?

If so, I would encourage you to go ahead with the Pedego tandem. It's a well-known brand, and part of that expense covers them using quality components. It really seems to address what you want to do, and if it gets you two out on a bike more, it would be worth it.
When my kids were little, I always wanted to get one of those 4-wheel surrey bikes you see around boardwalks, etc. I thought it would be fun being the “cool dad” and going out for family rides around the neighborhood.

They were pretty cost prohibitive at the time, and of course another drawback is they are heavy to pedal and usually with kids, the adult ends up doing most of the work.

An “e-surrey” would be a pretty cool option, I suppose, but I guess there is a fine line between that and a golf cart.
Every time I’ve ridden a tandem bike, the person in back never peddled even though they said they did.
And every time I’ve been on the back, I never peddled either.
Law of the universe.
For the OP, will you ride it in your neighborhood, or will you want to take it to a dedicated bike trail? Moving it will be a challenge.