Always keep your lead acid battery pack charged


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Jun 18, 2018
Always charge your pack after any trip no matter how short you ride. Lead acid should never be allowed to sit in any state of discharge or sulphation of the plates occurs. Lead acid hates cold temperatures too so the battery should be stored indoors if possible. Lead acid suffers from an effect called Peukert's effect basically this is: the faster (full throttle) a lead acid battery is drained (current drawn) the less charge it has than if it is drained slower (1/2 throttle).

If left sitting a lead acid battery looses charge on it's own. If you don't use your bike like in cold weather then charge your batteries every week. A good practice is to charge the pack after you ride and if a short period lapses charge again before riding. This could save you from pedaling your ebike home!
Thanks for the useful advice on how to look after an ebike battery, very helpful.