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May 24, 2019
Cocoa, Florida
Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the ebike world and I'm looking for advice and recommendations. Before I get to that let me introduce myself and give you a little background.

I currently live in Florida, I've had a desk job for the last 25 years and I'm completely out of shape. I haven't ridden a bike since I was 18, I used to ride a lot before then.

I'm 62 and a (soon to be) retired web developer. I'm good with computers and I'm mechanically inclined. I've swapped engines in cars by myself and worked as an offset pressmen printing newspapers. I also have a certificate as a camera repair technician. I did a stint at Radio Shack too. I also worked as an electronic technician intern for the Air Force when I was in college. As a kid I stripped my bicycle to the frame so I could paint it and then reassembled it. I also built a strobe light from a kit in high school.

Last time I was unemployed I ended up living on Kauai in Hawaii for 35 years. I now find my self retired and living on the mainland. Being as I will have nothing to do I thought I might travel. Many people my age get an RV. That's what I might of done if I was married but I'm not so I have the option at looking at alternatives. Getting an RV requires many expenses such as insurance, fuel, maintenance and includes too many things that could fail. So I had the brilliant idea to make a poor man's RV.

What's a poor man's RV? Well obviously it's an ebike setup for touring, why else would I post here. ;) Just to outline my thinking it goes like this.
  • Ebikes are affordable to acquire, use and maintain.
  • Ebikes enable someone of lesser physical abilities to enjoy the outdoors and explore new places.
  • Ebikes encourages someone of lesser physical abilities to exercise and expand their abilities.
  • Ebikes are slower so the adventure lasts longer.
  • Ebikes are eco-friendly.

What I'm Planning

I'm planning to build my own ebike cause that's the only way I can afford to get what I think I need. My goal is to build an ebike capable of hulling my fat ass all of the way across the country. I want to take the Southern Tier Bike Route since it goes near my kids in San Antonio Texas. I plan to visit other friends, most along the way, some a little out of the way. I have friends and family in California I want to visit and then from there fly to Kauai.

There is no timeline for this adventure, as I can stay in places as long as I like. The only factor will be weather, as I want to avoid the cold. At the end of this trip I'm thinking about flying with my ebike to Costa Rica and retire there.

Basically my ebike is going to be my only means of transportation and my home. I do plan on staying in campgrounds, motels, hostels, couch surfing, and Airbnb. Those decisions will depend on finances, availability and weather conditions.

I've decided on most of my camping gear. If you're interested it's centered around a Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock that double as a ground tent if they're aren't any trees. I'm not asking questions about camping but all comments are welcome.

I plan on carrying everything in panniers and bags to maintain the bikes portability via greyhounds, planes, trains, city buses, cars and trucks. I also want to be as e-stealthy as possible to avoid any confrontations with local law enforcement. I'm in trouble in that department already since I'll be an old fat guy riding a heavily loaded bike. I imagine this trip will change the fat part eventually.
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