Adding charge port to electric bike battery?


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Jun 18, 2018
I am using a 52V 28Ah triangle battery as my main battery. I'm going to put the battery into a fiberglass battery box with removable access panels on both sides. I have a couple of questions:

1. I want to put a charge port on the battery case so I don't have to remove the screws every time just to charge the battery. How would I do this?

2. I would like some way to plugin a backup battery which I will mount on the rear rack. Is this possible?
This is all possible

1. To charge your battery while still on the bike, you can make an adapter cable to run from the battery charge port to one of the battery side covers and mount it flush to the cover.

2. For a backup battery you can purchase a switch with enough current rating to handle the amperage of your battery. Another way which is easier is to just unplug the main battery from the controller and plug it into the backup battery. I use Anderson Powerpole connectors just like these ones here:
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