Adding a second front chainring?


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Sep 15, 2022
New to ebikes. Been looking for a mid-drive kit. Recommendations are welcome, for conversion kits. I plan to convert a 26" trail bike, for the nice suspension, but I do not plan to go off-roading. So far, the Bafang BBSHD Mid Drive Ebike Kit looks okay, but all mid-drives that I see have only one front chainring. I live in mountain country, and even the somewhat flat roads in town are not really flat. Various sizes of Bafang chainrings are available, so it seems possible that a second chainring could be added with a front derailleur, but I may be missing something. The reviews on the LunaCycle parts pages mention this possibility, but not much is there about the results. I expect to be careful when shifting, with little or no motor power applied for that instant, just normal pedaling. I expect to tinker with the path of the chain, to align the gears and chain properly. Those considerations aside, is there more I should know? Does anybody have experience with this concept and execution? Any pitfalls to avoid? TIA.

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