Added extra battery for distance, now no power?


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Apr 11, 2023
ebikepacking. Addressing distance issue related to trailer carrying camping/busking gear

Added extra battery using suggested part and wiring

Now no power?
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Welp, those bare wires on the connectors doesn't help at all.
We cannot really tell other than the bad wiring job, will you take more pictures so we can see the whole setup please.

Others should chime in to help get your situation back in order so please be patient with us :)
Get your dirt cheap basic multi meter and test the voltage across the positive (red) and negative (black) across the 6 points i.e both sides of your crimp connections. Then check the resistance through every one of your crimp connections.

If every there is battery voltage on the 2 inputs, and nothing on the out side, and all the connections are good, then the unit must be faulty.

P.S. One positive, you won't have any difficulty finding good contact points for your multi meter readings.