Actual watts pulled from 500w motor


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Apr 13, 2021
Hi again! I’m interested in purchasing a new 36v, 500w direct drive kit. The amps on the controller is 22a. My battery is 36v, 20ah and has a 30a BMS. From what I understand, to get the actual watts you multiply the volts (36v) by the controller amps (22) and that equals 792. So am I wrong to believe that I’ll be sending 792w to a 500w motor? It’s almost 300 more watts than what the motor is rated for. So if I’m actually sending 792w will I destroy the motor?

I noticed that most kits have 22a controllers so should I assume that the 500w motor can handle the extra power?
You'er talking about maximum battery output capability (792 w)... but the motor controller will send an amount of current to allow the motor to execute an output equal to the controller's program.... for instance, if the drive became jammed somehow (deep mud?) it should protect the motor, and shut down... before it damaged itself. Also, the initial 'starting' current of a motor can max out the power supply capability, for a fraction of a second.... but as soon as it gains some 'RPM's', that current will drop down to the safe amount determined by the controller, which should be around 14 amps.... If you don't play with the controller's programmed settings, the manufacturer should have things set be to protect the motor, and achieve the 500 watt output... and I'm sure that there are some very fancy calculations that insure the bike plus playload (you) can't exceed some specified (legal) speed on the road. Go for it... have fun... !! -Dave