About to purchase a battery and need advice


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May 2, 2024
I'm on a budget and looking for a 48 V battery for an e trike conversion.

There is a battery on Amazon from CAO MM that fits my budget but I would like to be sure it's a reputable vendor and the battery is safe and as advertised.

If anyone has any information or recommendations I'd appreciate it.


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What are the physical dimensions of the battery that HumanPerson recommended?
Here are a few other places to look through for a battery.....

The general consensus around here seems to be that if you're going to go CHEAP, go with Lithium Iron-phosphate rather than Lithium-Ion. Cheap Li-Ion (usually Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt) batteries have a reputation for catching fire. I have a couple from UPP which has a terrible reputation, and so far so good, but that's the word on the street, and am thinking of phasing them out of my life now.

Li-FeP0 is going to be 25% or so heavier, but longer life-span and generally considered safer. I have a friend with a Li-Iron bank for his PV rack on his sail-boat who says the general rule in the boating community is Li-NMC on a boat is a death-wish. I don't have any personal experience, but the BtrPower company makes pretty inexpensive Iron batteries and has a pretty good reputation. The better quality Li-Ion batteries are going to cost about twice as much as a cheap chinese battery.

Other option is get a UPP battery and put an inexpensive pre-fab shed in your back-yard to store your ebikes in. If it burns down you build another one. You might still come out on top considering the prices people are charging for high quality built Li-Ion ebike batteries.
That looks like a poor quality discharge current at 50a. I'd want to see that saying 30 or 20 for me to click on it. Also, 40-50 miles is lower than what 30ah is normally advertised at around 70 in pure electric mode/throttle