A2B Velociti On/off button problem


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6:13 AM
Jun 22, 2020
Hi, I have an A2B Velociti and I am having a problem with the bike battery On/off button. I usually go to turn the battery on by pushing the on/off button in and it stays in and the bike has power. Now when I do it the button pops right back out and I have no power to the bike. But when I hold the button in and pull the throttle the bike goes. Is there a way to fix this? Do I need a new battery...I hope not? A new button? I attached a photo of the button below. Please let me know. This bike is my transportation to work everyday and need it fixed ASAP. Thank you so much.
Sounds like your switch (“button”) needs to be replaced. My guess is something inside the switch broke or wore out, so it doesn’t catch. It’s a pretty easy job for someone with a little electrical experience. Finding a compatible part might be the hardest part.
Maybe contact the battery manufacturer to get a replacement switch. Or just by pass the switch if you can't find a switch. No need to replace the whole battery.