A2B Galvani - help!


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Jan 23, 2022
Hi guys
I need your help in getting my ebike back on the road.......
My A2B Galvani battery (BMS card) has failed.
The manufacturer/distributor is out of business....... I cannot get replacement parts
If you have (or can direct me to) an A2B Galvani ebike battery that is or has been operating correctly I would be pleased to negotiate a purchase.
The battery cells do not need to be good as I really only need the BMS card........ However, I will take what I can get.

To identify if your A2B Galvani system is same as mine. The back of the e bike display (on the handlebars) should show "Model 800 CAN"
Looking forward to any help you may be able to give.


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IIRC the A2B did not use any proprietary parts, so you should be able to replace the BMS and/or the entire battery with a generic, aftermarket replacement, HOWEVER, it may require OEM replacement. Was the bike purchased in or from Canada? The "CAN" designation could stand for a country of origin, or use, or it could stand for CANbus, a communication protocol which can provide some extra functionality, but primarily forced users into using OEM replacement parts, which causes a problem for orphaned owners like yourself.

Anybody selling an original part is likely to have a dead battery, and possibly a dead board. It's a board, not a card. Some of these cannot be used again after the battery dies.
I have an a2b galvani that I am trying to sell to be fixed or as a parts bike. I am asking 1200 US dollars for the entire bike. I have been getting error codes 12 and 16 when I attempt to ride the bike.