A perfect use of e-bikes

Moe Ped

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6:58 AM
Jul 17, 2020
Slightly OT but these guys know how to do Halloween right (the core is an e-fat):

I'm not sure what they'd be in NY but in CA the e-bikes that Lithium Cycles are marketing are what would be considered mopeds (I should know, right!?!?)

They call them "electric bicycles" but per CA reg's they're not. I haven't found Lithium's "fine print" to read as of yet. I know there are reg's in NYC concerning electric bicycles but I don't know what the implications are for electric mopeds. (Sort of like banning a Tesla or a Prius)
That does look awesome.

I believe you are correct leeboh, there was recently a "crackdown" on businesses that use them. If I recall correctly they fall in some weird grey area where they need to be registered as motorcycles, but there is no registration available for them so they aren't road legal.