A help request for research project


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Survey is poorly designed. Several different selection methods, none of which are explained at all, much less clearly. Ordered list should be described as a drag and drop. First question comment about Vespa unclear, explanation of multiple selections not well defined.

You also need some proof-reading, if this is about a NEW ebike line, then why do you state about "KEEP producing it"??

Good news is you do not ask for email or phone number, so this is not a scam site and I am also in Florida and familiar with UCF. Actually taught a class there once.

Are you in engineering, or Marketing? If engineering, issues do not really matter. If marketing, you need some serious work and if this is for credit, I would take it down and completely re-work it before anyone notices.


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Mar 6, 2021
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Surly you’re not surprised that a college student doesn’t know how to write or structure a survey correctly. Anybody that’s been watching right now knows that the educational system especially colleges these days are not really providing adequate education.