860c on TSDZ2 spontaneously changing ODO & Trip A


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1:49 AM
Jul 8, 2021
Aftermarket firmware versions:
> 860c: 20.1c-22
> TSDZ2: 0.20.1

Coming up on 2,000 miles, Trip A & Odometer have begun spontaneously changing.

From early in the game, Trip A would occasionally get weird if power to the system was removed without shutting down first - but this is on a whole new level.

I went into Configurations | Various | Odometer trying to reset the odo to the right value but, after I exit, the value comes up different from what I set it to.

Has anybody else been here?

Might it help to re-flash the 860c, or is this thing in the way out?

  • Are there any other controllers besides the 860c that work with the aftermarket firmware?
  • Am I correct to assume that values like Odometer and Trip A are stored in the 860c and not the motor?