80cc motorized bike or ebike ?


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Nov 19, 2018
please i need help i was about to spend 800 dollars in a e bike but when i saw a video on youtube i realized that it was better or i think is better 80 cc engine bike the motor cost like 180 dollars and it run much faster than ebike i would like to know if my statement is true that motorized bike run faster than ebike
it all depends because if we look at it at a long point of view the gas will get more expensive in the long run instead of the ebike but you will pay more for the bike if you decide on going electric but over time your going to save money
no ebike is typically equally expensive....
The batteries will only last 500-1000 charges.... and then u would have to buy another one, or just deal with the reduced range....
the motor will last 4 ever, way longer than a gas engine kit. but the battery will need to be replaced every so often....
In otherwords, after 1000 charges, your capacity is cut in half. So you could basically use this old battery as a spare or use it as a primary but just dont go as far..... If you dont account the reduced range after 1000 charges, its cheaper; if you account for it, its the same, or slightly more cost.....