800w 60v brushless motor fix?


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8:29 PM
Jul 25, 2022
hi as you may see from my other post I have a old 800w motor from my mums trike as it was replaced

I replaced it due to it having no power It does nothing not even a jolt!
i am unsure what happened to it as the controller was missing and the wiring was a mess at only 6 months old!!
there is no burning etc

i am wondering is this possibly repairable? what are the common issues with them? it spins freely but it doesn't have the same resistance as the other motor that works i am unsure if this is due to the wattage difference or damage? you see the other working motor doesn't just freely spin (i mean doesn't feel the same all the way when rotated ) there's some resistance probably due to magnets

but this motor feels the same all around,it has never been opened

thanks guys I'm just looking for tips on what damage to look for i can open and upload detailed pics