6v headlight output


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Oct 12, 2023
New Jersey
Has anyone tried to hook up a front and a back light using the 6v output from the Bafang BSS0HD motor…., will it drive both lights parallel or just one.
Thank you
yes, it works. should work on any 6v light. I prefer the busch and mueller 6v lights used for dynamo lighting systems. they are very expensive but very reliable and quality beams. No promises on how much current is available from the controller though. also you'll need a splitter.
Dude... the Best and Brightest eBike Headlights and Tailights are USB-C rechargeable - by Far - why are we having this discssion ?
I mean really we should be discussing your spelling. Ok the next question then is which usb-c lights will work on 6v? I think most "wall warts" for cell phones etc. are 5v, or 20v for laptops typically. Some usb-c devices have a range of voltage they will accept. And... speculative deductive logic here... i think usb-c output of a laptop has a buck converter that talks to and converts to the device that is charging on it? Might come down to plug it in and see if it works / trial and error.