6'6" Guy - Commuter eBike That Fits?

My Pace 500 came with an adjustable stem from factory. It was a game changer. Gave me upright posture and I have no flex whatsoever. Feels very solid. Can't imagine riding with what most bikes come with stock. It's great to have options.
They were assembling a Pace 500 in the store when I picked up my Level 2 (they were putting the stem on it at the time). I'll check it out and compare it to mine. Since I bought from a store, I can always have them install an adjustable stem if needed. How tall are you?
I'm 5 8 but I like an upright relaxed ride. Also look into getting seatpost suspension. Makes a world of a difference
Also look into getting seatpost suspension. Makes a world of a difference
If one had to choose between getting a different seat or a suspension seatpost, what would you suggest?
I hate to say it but both. The Aventon seats were not comfortable went with cloud 9. Love their seats. And went with the Suntour NCX post. Won't break the bank and you can adjust the preload. About 110 bucks on Amazon for post. 30 to 40 for the seat. Best thing about Amazon. If you don't like the seat return it.
For under this price they are not that good..
SR Suntour SP12 NCX bike Suspension Seatpost with Cover (27.2mm x 350mm) https://a.co/d/2uO7kgk
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I’m relatively new to the forum and late to your thread. I’m 70+, 6’-7, and ~270 lbs.

I ride a Velotric Nomad 1 750 W fat tire eBike. Velotric says it’s good for people up to 6’-9”. I found the seat post to be long enough, but I had to add a 4” (10 cm) handle bar stem extension, the limit allowed IMHO by the cabling and hoses.

The stock 26x4 tires are for off-road, and are therefore very noisy on pavement. I replaced them with 26x3.5 72 TPI Vee Tire Speedsters, which are much quieter and feature lower rolling resistance, which improves battery life.

From the factory, it’s a Class 1 or Class 2 eBike, but can be unlocked to 25 mph (40 kph).

IMHO, the stock hydraulic brakes (180mm rotors, likely not heat-treated; resin pads) are a weak point if long downhill runs are involved, as in my neighborhood and allowing for the combined weight of the bike and me. I’ve upgraded to 203mm rotors and semi-metallic pads.

In general, I like the bike!

Jim / crewzer
I use my e bike for working in the French Quarter in New Orleans Louisiana. Terrible streets with lots of pot holes. Heavy stop and go traffic at time , very few bike lanes.

A few suggestions.

You want a bike with a throttle control independent of peddling.

You want a drop down post.

If you live in a hilly area you want a 1000 w mid drive 20 ah set up with independent throttle that you can reprogram.

Let me explain. In heavy traffic the drop down post allows you to get your feet on the ground for a balanced position to start from, a throttle control is a smoother start than a peddle assist especially with a 1000 wt mid drive. A programmable bike allows you to tune the levels of assist to suit you and to unleash the throttle. As they come the throttle is limited to the level of peddle assist.

I use mostly peddle assist when riding distance , with out stop and go at a proper seat hight and clip ins.

I use throttle and plans on dropping down to a scooter position when in traffic. (The drop down post is being installed as I type) a drop down post if you’re unfamiliar allows you to adjust the seat hight on the fly both up and down!