500c display plastic tear?


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Nov 4, 2021
I purchased a 500c display. I removed the plastic screen protector. Under that was a small round sticker in the upper left hand of the display. It may have said tear off.. not sure as it was small. Upon removing it the thicker plastic on The screen tore. The seller says it was the membrane of the display and just to tear it off. Is this correct? This is my first ebike display so I am not experienced with them. I’ve been closed a picture of what I’m dealing with any advice is appreciated thank you


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That looks like the protective clear tape on the display. Its safe to remove it. It may be trapped under the edges as they assembled it with the tape on the clear part. I usually keep that on so when you get it all scratched up. you can just peel it off to show a brand new looking display.
It looks like bubbled up plastic film to me. The lens surface should be mirror reflective unless it has a film on it or is a matte finish.
I have the same display and had the same issue. It’s another layer of plastic covering the display. It’s safe to just peel it off.