48v to 52v replacement


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May 1, 2024
Hi, I’m new here and new to ebikes. I have an Aostimotor s07. The battery is 48v, 13ah. It is starting to go. It shuts off for no reason and at full charge never exceeds 700 watts (motor is 750 watts). So I am looking to replace it. I have read that I could replace it with a 52v for extra power. On my control settings I have the option to set it to 48v or jump up to 60v. Which should I choose if I switch to 52v. Should I switch to 52v, and would the ah make a difference?
Thanks in advance for the advice.


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With a 48v bike you could get away with a 52v battery . Most battery books I have read states that you can over volt by up to 10%. I have a good explanation in a battery building book but the site won’t let me attach a screen shot because it is too large but if you send me an email address I will send it to you. I think I would leave it set at 48v and go with a 52v battery
I think the 52v battery will work the same on the motor whether the display is set to 48 or 60. The display’s different voltage setting will be to display the correct voltage, range estimate, set the cut-off voltage, etc …. Whether the hub motor can handle the extra voltage is the main issue. From what I have seen with my motor, a 52v over a 48v will not provide significant power gains. Top speed increases by 1, maybe 2, mph. In your case, I would be inclined to get another 48v battery.