48V ebike battery (max 54.6V) with 48V controller question?


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Apr 28, 2020
I am building an ebike kit with a 13S 48V battery made up with 18650 cells. The kit is a rear hub with a 1000W 48V motor. The batteries maximum voltage is 54.6V but the controller is only rated to 48V. I'm wondering whether it is safe to charge the battery to full capacity since the voltage will be higher than the controller's voltage?
The voltage of an electric bike controller should be the same as the motor and battery - so you'll be fine with that controller.

48V is your ebike batteries nominal voltage - or average voltage. It will go higher than that voltage when charged and lower than that voltage when discharged. When a 48V battery is discharged it will be around 42V. When you charge it, it will be around 54V at full charge.
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I am a member like Harry. I built a 48 Volt 13S/5P battery using Panasonic 3,600maH cells for my 1000 watt rear wheel converted E Bike. All is well and for 6 months now it has worked wonderfully over many recharges. Only once has my controller cut me out at low voltage. After a long day out using a low battery draw my voltage was down to circa 43.5 volts but when climbing up the hill I called on maximum assist and my voltage drooped to 39 volts and the controller cut me out.
This leads me to re-ask a question. If I increased my battery to 54 volt 14S/5P and kept the same 48 Volt controller would the controller cut me out at the high voltage. I can easily try this as my battery is made with the Verzund system and I would effectively make a 14S/4P for the test. QUESTION :- Would I damage the controller in doing this.???