4 Tips for You to Have Healthier and Safer Summer Rides


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Jul 11, 2022
As the temperature is getting higher and higher, many ebike lovers are making preparation for safer and healthier bike rides. It is wise and necessary to do that unless you want to get dehydrated or get a heatstroke.

Obviously, riding in strong sunlight can lead to various heat-related problems. Although some cyclists are able to tolerate that heat, I don’t think any of you can run that kind of risk. However, I don’t mean that all of you need to stay at home and put your ebike in the storage room. What I am trying to tell you guys is that you have to make full and enough preparation before riding on hot summer days. Below are some major methods for you to keep cool while taking a bike ride in summer.

keep Yourselves Hydrated

Dehydration can be one of the most dangerous issues for ebike riders, which leads to extreme thirst, Fatigue, Dizziness, and confusion. Therefore, it is the top priority for you to stay hydrated.
First of all, before going out for that summer ride, you need to drink enough water. Here the “enough ” means you can drink an appropriate amount of water, but you don’t have to drink too much, which will fill your belly with fluid. And all of you know that exercising with a full belly causes stomach pain.
Also, you are recommended to bring a water bottle and drink a small amount of water every 5 to 10 minutes.

Choose Appropriate Clothing

Riding in beautiful sunlight can look amazing and fantastic, but in the real world, it can be torture. Believe it or not, exposing yourself to the sunlight for a long time can increase the risk of getting skin cancer and accelerate the speed of getting dehydrated.
Even though applying sunscreen is a great way to avoid getting sunburned, it has limited effect. Thus, it is absolutely necessary to wear proper clothing. Normally, you can select light and sun-protective clothes. With the combination of both clothes and sunscreen, you are going to be better protected from sunlight.
Furthermore, there are local bike shops that are selling cycling clothes. They are well-designed to be lighter, and cooler and allow your skin to breathe. If interested, just go to the local bike shops around you to check them out.

Avoid Riding at Noon

It may sound a little bit weird as it is me who encourages you guys to take summer rides, but meanwhile, I don’t recommend you to take electric bikes out right at noon. It is because that is the hottest time of the day. And if you are riding during this time, you will run more risks of getting hyperthermia, which can lead to a medical emergency requiring immediate treatment to prevent death.
So obviously, you can ride both in the morning or evening. Generally, the early morning is the coolest time of the day, of which the temperature is absolutely favorable. And for some of you who are occupied with other things, riding in the evening could be a nice choice. One thing to remember is to make sure your electric bikes for adults got a flashlight so that you won’t get hurt by hitting something.

Prepare yourself for a Larger Battery

Do you know what is the most annoying thing while riding ebikes in summer? That is running out of battery in the middle of the trip. Imagine that, you are in the middle of your journey, but the battery has been drained out and there is nothing around you, even a shelter protecting you from sunlight. This desperate situation can even threaten your life.
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