36/40v Ryobi - small low power project


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Jan 13, 2022
I've done some research and now I'm looking for some confirmation from the hive before I pull the trigger. The goal is to keep things simple and get a little more oomph on my utility bike. I'm often towing the dog in a bike trailer while also having a kid in a bike seat on the back and I'm tired of being a hot sweaty mess while my wife leisurely cruises around on her bike. No need for speed records or long range - i just want to cruise pedal assisted for 8 or so miles at 14 mph.

In an effort to keep things simple I would like to use the existing Ryobi 40v system I have for some power tools. I can always add a better battery later but for now I'm comfortable with the cost and safety of these 36v 4 ah batteries. Seems like the issue with using the Ryobis is the BMS cutting out with any sort of high amp draw. Thats why I would like to stick with one of these ebike kits off Amazon that have a 250w-500w motor and a 36v controller. Another issue for the battery is low voltage cutoff - trying to figure out if I can adjust that with the controller or if I need anything else.

So hive mind, what are your thoughts on an amazon ryobi battery adapter, 36v 350w front hub kit and a Ryobi 36v 4ah battery? Good simple setup for what I want to do or will I be disappointed with the small battery? I should note that I live in Florida so no hills to worry about.

Adapter :

Ebike kit

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