30TPI 20 x 4 for Rad Mini 4?


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May 18, 2023
Maryland, USA
Any suggestions for a 30 tpi or less road/trail tire for a Rad Mini 4? Will probably install my Tannus foam thing and this may be only the rear. I've had the 35a controller since last spring and a 750w motor arriving next week. I've currently got two 500 motors in 2 rear wheels that I swap out depending on road or trail rides. I'll installing the 750 in the trail wheel and want to upgrade that fake "Mongoose" tire I installed. It's wearing quickly and I want to be able to use the 750 and a better tire mostly for help with hills on trails, but also for occasional road travel without having to swap the 500 in.

Prefer the ride to be smoother over bumps when possible, but still want it thick/durable enough not to wear out after 200 miles of no skid riding. Got the ebike due to failed surgery following an injury. Both have made pedaling long distances or with too much effort painful.

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.

2021 Rad Mini 4
35a Controller + Display upgrade from Area13 (Bolton at the time)
Jones non-riser loop H-bar
Tannus on trail tires (20 x 4 K-Rad in front + fake "Mongoose" in rear)
Tuffy fat tire on road tires (20 x 4 K-Rad)
Cloud 9 seat
2 x 500w 20x4 Rear wheels with 7 gear cassette
1 x 20x4 Front wheel (no power)
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Here are a few links to one place that does tires.