30H communication error for Tonsheng TSDZ2


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9:31 AM
Mar 30, 2024
Maryland, USA
My husband and I ride TourEasy recumbents retrofitted with Tonsheng TSDZ2 motors and the C3 controller. After about 10, 000 miles, my husband’s controller randomly flashes “communication error 30 H”. It will flash while we continue to ride for 30-40 minutes and then stop. However, we can’t find anything that is not functioning correctly except perhaps the throttle. The pedal assist seems to work and responds correctly to various power settings. However, the throttle no longer will start the bike rolling from a stop. This might not be related as it does not depend upon whether the “30H” error is flashing or not. If he gets the bike rolling by pedaling or “scooting with his feet as it is a recumbent) and then presses the throttle it does turn on to move the bike forward with full power. We have tried to check all the “quick” connections in the various cables to make certain they are clean, dry and tight. What is the problem ( or what are the 2 problems 30H and throttle)?