250w Motor stalling


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Jun 10, 2022
250w motor stalls and makes a strong high pitch hum once i push the throttle from stand still.
It stops the second i release and then push the throttle again with no issues and i can cruise and rewch high speeds.
Sounds like a gear or out of phase motor?
Ine more detail - screen show 007 error but i think its not related,or yes?
I appreciate any help
Well, gosh - Did it just suddenly start doing this or did it ever work correctly out of the box?

If it DID WORK, and now, it DOES NOT WORK, then tell us, just a bit, about what sort of events happened, in between those two points.

Does it show the error code, when it does NOT work, and then, when it DOES work, no longer show the error code?

Do you get Rolling first before the second attempt where it works, and is the second attempt success something that has happened from a power off state several, three or four, times?
Thanks Nelson

I changed the esc from 250w to 350w
It worked ok a coupke of days.

The screen is an upgrade a just added,. 07 error is on since i connected it.
So, you upgraded the controller. All was well. No problems. You have TWO, different, maybe related, maybe not, issues. so need clear answers on BOTH.

Then - After That - you got a new screen. Since plugging in new screen, both the on-screen error display, and the physical stall and hum from the motor error, began. After the new screen.???

07 is continous? even after motor issue corrects?
No relation to screen, the hum was there before.

Error code 007 remains regardless of the hum or not, even when the bike accelerates and cruises good.

I am trying to upload a video but its to large (looking to compress it and will upload asap)
OK, the 07 is Screen and Only Screen, you would need to look up error codes for that particular make and model. Likely communication or missing sensor or something.

The hum, could be a problem with phase wires, when it works the second try, I already asked in my first post, take a shot at helping me try to solve your problem, and answer that question, particularly the repeating part and the rolling part.
Hum happens only when starting from stop, it starts ok, after a second it starts humming, i am already rolling in low speed, i lay of the throttle for a second and thenhit it again and it might studre a bit but overcomes it and rides regularly.

I don't turn anything on/off. Just release and reaplly throttle.

If i don't nt let go of the throttle, it hums loudly and doesnt transfer any torque.

The hum reminds me of the sound it made when i was "teaching" the esc the phase. So i think your hunch is in the direction but i have no idea how to solve.

Note, that NONE of the above, was in your very first post. I have to play 20 questions, to get to the source of the problem.

Sometimes, I get really, REALLY tired of playing 20 questions.
Sorry, I thought that matching the phase was an natural unavoidable part of installing a new esc.
So, that would indicate that you understand that the changing of the controller was an important part of the new installation, and likely a possible issue, yet you DID NOT put that valuable information in your very first post.

All because you were afraid people might think you did something stupid. Well, you did. You wasted my time. You left out important information from the get-go. It was glaringly obvious. Bonus points for pissing me off.

I know EXACTLY what you need to do. Would have told you, too, if you were just honest and did not uncaringly waste my time just to save your own ass some embarrassment, on the internet where you are totally anonymous.

But, ya did, so, fix it yourself.
Thank you Nelson.

I honestly didn't put that much thought and don't really care about embarrassing myself.

Just looking for help.

Sorry if you feel i tricked you or wasted your time.

Would appreciate any help,either from you or anyone else on the thread.
Following up on this as I finally had time to deal with it.

Apparently it was a blown hall sensor.
Swapped it and walla - started working good again.

Glad you found the problem. So what sensor what it that broke? Bit of a minefield trying to repair or upgrade bikes as no definitive guide on obscure chinese parts sadly. Thinking of ditching my chinese parts if and when they fail and maybe look at like a center drive motor like a german or Japanese motor.