2023 Yamaha B01 New Super Cool Electric Moped Unveil!

Nice, I used to ride a 2-Stroke Yamaha Jog 50cc Scooter many years ago. That thing ran on an oily rag and simply would not die. Should be a quality ebike being from Yamaha.
Some written details from the Cycle World article:
As well as the E01 and the Neo’s, Yamaha has also announced the B01 concept—a machine that straddles the gap between power-assisted bicycles and electric scooters, and which will reach production at the start of 2023.

Designed to take advantage of S-Pedelec regulations in parts of Europe, the B01 will be allowed by law to reach the same 28 mph top speed that mopeds allow, but with much more relaxed rules about licensing. Like true mopeds, it’s got pedals to let the rider help out when necessary, but like a bicycle it does without rear suspension, instead relying on oversized tires and perhaps some springing in the saddle’s mounting post. The chassis is an intriguing, triangulated design that appears to be cast from aluminum, although Yamaha hasn’t released any technical details and we only have a brief video of the bike to go on. Yamaha plans to build it in Europe under a partnership with Fantic, promising to have it in showrooms come the start of next year.
It's got fat tires, but with a street tread. (smart) As with Honda, it seems like it will not come to the USA this year.

No luggage capacity is shown on the concept; I hope they remedy that, at least with a sturdy rear rack. Needs some real fenders, too.