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2020 Quiring Custom MTB Question


New member
Oct 14, 2020
Hello all, have a question you all might be able to help with. In my last post I mentioned this bike. I went to tear it apart today and am confused on what type of crank this is and how to take it off. I am not a total noob I watched the entire Park Tool series covering supposedly all the crank types. None of the types match what I see here. Some of them are close but none match. I am guessing that is some type of press fit that I will need to get a puller for BUT it bothers me that I could'nt ID it. The closest thing I was was the compagnolo but aspects of that dont match either. I included some pictures to help. None of crankside cause there is nothing to see. No dust cap, just a smooth tube all the to the other crank. from the non drive side, after I removed the 8mm dust cap and removed a little grease you can see the picture..... hoping someone here has seen something similar. This is a custom MTB, Oh the cranks themselves give nothing away, no brand or any marking I could find. I doubt they are some generic cranks. everything this guy has on the bike is expensive and custom. I see Chris King fork, the BB caps are Chris King (in case that is a clue) and Shimano in the Rear... to the pics.

Thanks in advance