2020 Jones Plus Complete SWB + BBSHD


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Oct 14, 2020
Just made this happen. It took me a few weeks because I started out a total Noob. Haven't used a bike in 15 years, so had to relearn everything. After buying a bike tool set, and getting the cranks off, it was fairly easy. I got the BBDHD 68-73 kit from Bafangdirect. Installed the motor and on the jones plus with a 68mm BB there was some play. The chainstay is pretty beefy and it hit the stock chainring that comes with the motor. Impatient as always I decided not to go the chainring route trying different ones to see what would work but to get some spacers. Ordered a bag of spacers, 2mm each and I believe 4 of them on the chainring side did the trick. The spacer are the ones that go up against the BB. Not chainring spacers. To compensate and ensure the motor bracket was up against the BB as directed I used 3 washers from lowes and 2 1 inch M5 bolts to secure it. Just to be sure the washers go between the motor mount bracket and the motor. Need a little balancing and steady hands to keep them from dropping off when trying to install but nothing too hard.

With that done, I put the chainring on and had just about 2mm clearance...AND a near perfect chainline. I installed the bracket for the battery (downtube) 48V 18AH charged the battery and wired up the speed sensor and display. Didn't bother with the throttle because it is a brand new bike and I am not wrestling those grips off to install it. With those items done I started up the display and took it for a spin.
Yikes I haven't even messed with programming yet and it is much faster than I thought it would be. The Jones bike is beefy framewise and it is sporting 3" Plus Maxxis Chronicles so it did not feel wobbly at all. On a slight downhill in in the neighborhood in 10th gear pedaling as fast as I could sitting down trying to keep up with the motor set on 5/5 the display said 34 mph. That is more than enough for me, almost too fast to keep up pedaling. I shifted through all of the gears up and down and all seems to be fine.
Not sure I like the downtube look I will probably switch to a triangle bag instead so it doesn't scream e-bike from afar. Total cost ~3,500 .. I'll probably be selling this one since like I said, new back into it and I do not think at my age it will do a bike like this justice. I will more city touring, trail riding not mountain biking.

The next 2 projects I think will hold the one I'll keep. I just received a Priority Continuum Onyx that is still in the box, Gates Carbon Drive, Envolio 380 IGH already wired with lights, fenders etc. That will be my next project but the one I think will be the winner is a used bike I came across on FB market place. A Custom Quiring hardtail mountain bike. It is super light feeling, and is single speed because of a rohloff IGH, checked the chainline measurements and I think a BBS02 and gates carbon drive may make it the winner I will let you know how those projects work out in case anyone was considering something similar.. Thank you for all of the info you all have posted in these forums, most of what I learned came from reading what Y'all been doing and how you solved your various issues. Bike on...


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So the bbshd would fit a jones plus lwb?
With washers on chainring side?
I want to put a 42t lekkie bling ring

Thanks great info very helpful